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The Adventures of the Pillow Gang  

The Isle of the Towering Tree


Little Avery dreams BIG dreams. So big that he needs a little help from a few friends in order to tackle his nighttime adventures. Each night, as Avery closes his eyes, his pillows magically come to life and The Pillow Gang guides Avery through his voyages. In “The Isle of the Towering Tree,” Comfy, Lumpy, and Mushy escort Avery to a remote isle where the comfortable crew encounters some natives who make their home in the towering tree. Together, the crew finds an unusual fruit with a very special power. Whimsical and charming, The Pillow Gang is a book that embraces the value of kindness and sharing, regardless of how different others may seem.

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Format: Picture Book

Keywords: adventure, little kids, dream big, kindness, acceptance, inclusion, bedtime story